Liquid Avatar: The Digital You

Enhance your digital identity security

Liquid Avatar delivers world-class solutions that focus on providing users with the ability to manage, control, and create self-directed benefits from their digital identity.

To explain, a Liquid Avatar is a high-quality, biometric and blockchain secured online version of you! When you go online, you can easily and securely provide who you are and share only the information that you want to share with others.

The app also allows you to use different Liquid Avatars for each facet of your personality. For instance, you can choose different icons for different groups like, family, friends, school, business, social media, and others. It’s like having your own passport, wallet and keyring right in your digital pocket!

Furthermore, with Liquid Avatars, you control and manage your digital identity, private and public data and how it’s used. Design your customized avatar. Be yourself or use your favorite icon or image. Liquid Avatar lets you be creative.

“We believe that digital identity should be owned by users. It’s a basic human right,” says CEO, David Lucatch.

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