A Track Record in Credit Rebuilding

Rebuilding Canadian’s Credit

“In 2018 there were over 70,000 Canadians who filed a consumer proposal with the Office of Bankruptcy in Canada. Marble Financial has developed a proprietary dashboard to help Canadians build and rebuild their credit in less than half the time that a traditional consumer proposal can. We’ve been in business since 2016 and we have a track record in credit rebuilding.” – Mike Marrandino, CEO of Marble Financial

Marble provides tools for coming out of bankruptcy

At Marble we know that life happens and at times it can get in the way. For the past four years, we have always been there for Canadians who find their credit worthiness challenged due to an unforeseen financial setback.

Our credit rebuilding strategy focuses on where you want to go and not where you have been! With our proven strategy and your dedication, re-establishing your credit score to main stream banking levels, starts on day one and within two years your credit worthiness will be back to industry standard and on the 3rd anniversary of Marble discharging your Consumer Proposal, it disappears from your credit report.

MLI Marble Lending Inc., dba Marble Financial (CSE: MRBL) provides Canadians with a second chance to
rebuild their credit and fast track their way back to mainstream lending with socially responsible
lending and fintech solutions. Since 2016, the Company’s flagship product has funded in excess of $10
million in loans and helped over 1,100 Canadians rebuild their credit scores. Marble’s proven consumer
credit rebuilding strategy accelerates the timeline for its consumers by 50% relative to the current
traditional methods available through Consumer Proposals.

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