Matamec Explorations Rare Earth Deposits From Silicate Minerals

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Andre Gauthier, CEO of Matamec Explorations Inc on their gold projects and rare earth deposit.

Canadian mineral exploration company, Matamec Explorations Inc, is currently involved in three mining projects. CEO Andre Gauthier gave an update on their projects and said the first project is the called Sakami. In addition, the company has also received new information on the project. “It was discovered in 2000, but was not well known at the beginning, now we know the structure etc., and we are expanding the zone,” Gauthier said. On the other hand, the following two are both gold mining and rare earth metal projects. “In Timmins we have the SMR and MGV project. On SMR, Goldcorp found the TVZ zone and we’re working on that. We hold a NSR on that project. One is the Kipawa rare earth project, and it’s a very great project,” Gauthier said. According to Gauthier, the Kipawa project is likely the first mine in the world they can extract rare earth from silicate minerals. In fact, these material can be used in many applications. Including; hybrid electric cars, wind turbines, solar energy, in the magnet and in many electronic devices. “We have a lot of use for the rare earth. What is Unique for Matamec, is we developed a rare earth deposit in Quebec, and that’s for the oil industry in the world, that’s a potential new producer in the near future. That’s our focus,” Gauthier summarized. For more information on Matamec Explorations Inc (MAT.V) please fill out the form below.

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