Cannabis For Quebec: An Underserved Province | Boris Ziger

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CEO of Matica Enterprises, Boris Ziger shares the cannabis company’s focus of serving the underserved province of Quebec.

“Matica is a cannabis company in Quebec. We’re an early-stage company at the moment. We are hoping to get our cultivation license very shortly. We are trying to service the most under serviced province in Canada. Quebec has eight LP’s right now, only one of them can sell, Ontario in comparison at 62. So this is an underserved market and we would like to be the ninth LP in Quebec. We’ve got a fantastic 10,000 sq. ft. facility, which is, state-of-the-art built in Dorval. It is ready to grow and we also have a huge amount of potential down in Hemmingford, Quebec. We’ve got 180 acres in Hemmingford, we’ve got 50 cultivated and we can expand that. We’re planning on building one million sq. ft. of greenhouses there, at 200,000 sq. ft. at a time. The faster we can build, the more we can grow, the better we can supply the Canadian market and we’re planning for outdoor growing. The area we’re in is known as a garden of Quebec and it’s a beautiful micro climate down in southern Quebec, just south of Montreal. The micro climate is kind of similar to southern Ontario, so it is a beautiful place to grow. The township and the local community is very much in favour of what we’re doing. So, we’ve got a lot of potential in the future and we’re hoping to see a lot of growth in the near term, once we get our cultivation license.” – Boris Ziger, CEO of Matica Enterprises

RoyalMax Biotechnology

Matica has an agreement to earn 70% of RoyalMax Biotechnology Canada Inc. (“RoyalMax”). RoyalMax has submitted the Confirmation of Readiness for a License under ACMPR to Health Canada for the fully completed 10,000 square foot production facility in Dorval. The Company is also committed to building 1,000,000 square feet of greenhouses in the township of Hemmingford, south of Montreal. Matica has also entered into an agreement to acquire a 40% position in Yunify Natural Technologies, a Quebec based health and personal care research and innovation company. For more information on Matica Enterprises (MMJ:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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