Rapid & Environmentally Friendly Lithium Extraction | Jared Lazerson

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Jared Lazerson, CEO of MGX Minerals, speaks about the company’s partnership with PurLucid Treatment Solutions Inc.

“Right now, we’re focusing on industrial minerals, essentially battery commodities and advanced materials. Really the traditional production of lithium, the majority of which is from brine. It takes about a year and a half with relatively low recovery, usually below 50 percent. It is done on a very, very large solar evaporation ponds and massive environmental footprint. We’re solving one problem which is rapidly extracting lithium from brine. A year and a half process versus what we now do in eight hours in terms of production time. But, also mitigating the environmental footprint, I think it’s key to any industry right now. Also, we’re focusing on new processes that allow for the extraction of these commodities in a different way than was traditionally the case. So many of these commodities; lithium, cobalt are really byproducts of other production.

About PurLucid

We have teamed up with PurLucid in the petroleum space, which is lithium from oil and gas waste water. From Oil and gas productions lots of lithium feedstock produced. PurLucid is very, very good at getting whatever out of water. We saw this as an opportunity. We essentially supported them on the water treatment side and they’ve supported us. And helped us develop a lithium and mineral extraction so it is really a tremendously robust partnership.” – Jared Lazerson, CEO of MGX Minerals Founded in 2012, MGX Minerals grew from its roots in conventional mining into a diversified clean energy technology company. Through direct research and development, strategic partnerships and acquisition of promising assets and technologies, MGX is fueling tomorrow’s clean energy economy. For more information on MGX Minerals (XMG:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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