MGX Minerals’ New Technology For Extracting Lithium

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MGX Minerals’ disruptive technology can extract lithium – used for batteries – from expired oil wells. MGX’s new pilot plant aims to produce lithium-carbonate one hundred times faster than from conventional lithium brine. MGX Minerals is a developer of lithium, magnesium and silicon projects using innovative processes to supply the new energy economy. MGX and its engineering partner have developed a proprietary, low-energy design process that is patent-pending. The process is specifically designed for highly-mineralized brine associated with oilfields. The process rapidly concentrates lithium and other minerals from brine. First Mover Advantage: First to recognize petrolithium potential and implement business model Aggressive Acquisition: Over 1.7 million acres of brine-bearing formations acquired to date Partnerships In Place: Agreements with major oil and gas companies to conduct well sampling Proof of Concept: Successfully extracted lithium from oilfield brine using proprietary process For more information on MGX Minerals (MGXMF) please fill out the form below.

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