MGX Minerals New Technology For Extracting Lithium

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MGX Minerals’ disruptive technology can extract lithium – used for batteries – from expired oil wells. The company new pilot plant aims to produce lithium-carbonate one hundred times faster than from conventional lithium brine. The developer of lithium, magnesium and silicon projects using innovative processes to supply the new energy economy. Its engineering partner have developed a proprietary, low-energy design process that is patent-pending. The process is specifically designed for highly-mineralized brine associated with oilfields. Rapidly concentrates lithium and other minerals from brine. First Mover Advantage: First to recognize petrolithium potential and implement business model Aggressive Acquisition: Over 1.7 million acres of brine-bearing formations acquired to date Partnerships In Place: Agreements with major oil and gas companies to conduct well sampling Proof of Concept: Successfully extracted lithium from oilfield brine using proprietary process For more information on MGX Minerals (MGXMF) please fill out the form below.

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