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Dan Blondal, CEO of Nano One Materials, shares the company’s plans to build a full scale facility allowing for approximately 3000 tonnes a year of cathode material. Dan Blondal also speaks about development of technology to improve the way lithium ion battery materials work.

Lithium Ion Battery Materials Work

Nano One is developing technology to improve the way lithium ion battery materials work. We take the raw materials, the building blocks, which is lithium and nickel, mangan ese and we dissolve them in water. And that results in a very intimate mixture of those elements that are down at the atomic level. It forms a powder that consists of a whole bunch of very, very small crystals. And then we cook them in a furnace and they become a battery material. What the industry does right now is they take the lithium. And they grind in millet with the nickel, manganese and cobalt in a mechanical method rather than a chemical method. So, we get shorter firing times and we actually overcome some of the limitations on the lithium feedstock which enables us to use a wider range of lithium. And we’re able to integrate other chemicals into the process into the structures very early on that brings properties to the final materials like longer lasting or high temperature resistance. We’ve developed engineering plans to build a full scale facility, that’s about 3000 tonnes a year of cathode material. Which would be what you’d need to put in about 24 or 25000 electric vehicle batteries. We expect as the volumes ramp up that that size of line, that module, becomes replicable. This will generate royalty revenues for Nano One and of course provide a technology platform for a chemical company to get into the cathode space.

About Nano One

Nano One is a Canadian technology company with a scalable industrial process for producing low cost, high performance battery materials. And a wide range of other advanced nanostructured composites. This novel three-stage process uses equipment common to industry and is being engineered for high volume production and rapid commercialization. For more information on Nano One Materials Corp. (NNO-TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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