Neo Lithium Corp High Grade, Low Impurity Lithium

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Waldo Perez, President & CEO of Neo Lithium Corp, shares his thoughts on the demand for lithium and what that means for this company.

Neo Lithium Corp is a company located in Argentina at the southern end of the Lithium Triangle. Waldo Perez, President & CEO tells how he discovered and put together this new lithium project. Located at Cauchari, this is a previous lithium deposit that belonged to Lithium Americas Corp. and was discovered a year ago. This new discovery is extremely high grade and with very low impurities. In fact, this is the third highest grade project and the lowest impurities in the world. Typically, it takes 30% of reproduction cost to remove impurities. So, if the grade goes below 200 or 300 milligrams per litre, you almost have a warranty that such a project is not going to fly. A 350 sq. km. Salar The company owns a land package of 350 sq. km. that covers the entire salar. This is one of the largest 100% owned salar packages in the Lithium Triangle. It’s very clear that the world requires a lot more lithium if everybody is going to drive a Tesla or another electric car. High prices for lithium in China have driven a lot of projects into the market. So if you’re an investor in this business, ask for the grade is no minor thing, advises the CEO. Confirming all that, Neo Lithium is at the verge of a very significant discovery. For more information on Neo Lithium (NLC:TSX.V), please fill out the form below.

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