Nerds On Site Inc specializes in providing cost-effective IT solutions

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Nerds On Site have served 130,000 Canadian customers and counting

Seventy billion dollars is the size of Canada’s IT sector. Equally impporatnt, nerds On Site has served over one hundred and thirty thousand Canadian customers, and has aggressive plans to expand into the U.S. Nerds On Site Inc specializes in providing cost-effective, leading-edge IT solutions to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises & will expand in the U.S.Established in 1995, in London, Ontario, Canada by a pair of self-proclaimed nerds (John Harbarenko and David Redekop) with a single focus, Nerds On Site expanded rapidly in the London, ON market. We believe that by using a TEAM-based Approach , moreover, we can be more to our clients that we ever could on our own. Furthermore, we specialize in providing cost effective, leading edge solutions to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s). Consequently, we are the complete SME IT solution specialists. Finally, we work with clients to come up with a schedule of prices based upon specific needs. For more information on Nerds On Site Inc. (NERD:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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