NEXE Innovations develops patented, compostable coffee pods

Plastic waste is a global problem that keeps Ash Guglani, President of NEXE Innovations Inc. awake at night: “365 million tonnes of plastic were produced last year, with less than nine percent recycled and 79 percent ending up in landfills and oceans. It’s an ecological catastrophe.”

NEXE Innovations is tackling the problem head-on and is advancing the use of plant-based, compostable technology and materials to replace single-use plastic in everyday consumer products. With 5 years of research and development and more than $30M of investment from both strategic investors and the Canadian Government, as well as key scientific collaborations with leading universities, such as the University of British Columbia, the company is now in a position to make a real difference, making plant-based and fully compostable products at scale, that won’t hurt the planet.

The company has designed and commercialized one of the only patented single-serve beverage pods for use in Keurig single-serve brewing systems, called the NEXE Pod. Guglani, says that while plastic pods can take up to 500 years to break down, the NEXE Pod is unprecedented in its ability to break down (compost), in as little as 35 days. The NEXE Pod is compatible with leading single-serve coffee machines, is non-toxic in soils and has more volume capacity per single-serve capsule. Guglani estimates NEXE will have a quarter billion pod capacity coming online in 2021.

But coffee pods are only the first step. Guglani’s goal is to create a new global manufacturing standard for plant-based and other sustainable materials that can be easily adopted by both small and large companies for a variety of consumer applications.

At heart, NEXE is an advanced material company, working at the forefront of advanced materials science and manufacturing technologies to develop sustainable consumer products. With its European and Canadian partners, NEXE has developed its own proprietary, high-speed automated manufacturing equipment, further contributing to its growing Intellectual Property portfolio.

NEXE has a two-pronged approach to IP and is working with a leading IP consulting firm to focus on their proprietary automation and material technology, to increase transaction leverage and shareholder value. To date, at least 20 patent applications

have been identified, giving NEXE global utility patent protection. NEXE has their own state-of-the-art commercial facility allowing the company to address the rapidly growing demand for plant-based alternatives to plastic.

NEXE is moving full steam ahead in their mission to reduce plastic waste from entering landfills and oceans.

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