NexOptic Technology For High Quality Imaging On Our Smartphones

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NexOptic’s optical technologies have earned them a place on the TSX Venture 50 list two years in a row

NexOptic is developing scalable technologies relating to imagery and light concentration applications. Management’s goal is to grow NexOptic into a creative optical development company, capable of enabling new media and information platforms for both consumer and industrial verticals. Utilizing Blade Optics™, the company’s suite of optical technologies, NexOptic aims to increase aperture sizes within given depth constraints of various imaging and non-imaging optical applications. Blade Optics™ refers to the company’s lens designs, algorithms and mechanics. They vary from patented, patent pending and include all of NexOptic’s intellectual property and know how. In order to pursue numerous potential applications, NexOptic is continually expanding the optical technology development pipeline. One of the latest innovations, currently in the development stage, is a smartphone lens stack design. This device has the potential to substantially increase the aperture size and focal length, compared to known smartphone imaging systems currently in the market. Increasing the aperture size and focal length within the depth constraints of a smartphone (approximately 6 to 7 millimeters) creates the potential to capture higher quality imagery at long ranges with these iconic consumer devices. Additionally, increasing aperture size enables a lens system to have a much better diffraction limited performance than a smaller aperture system. So to provide the potential for significantly improved resolution capabilities. For more information on NexOptic Technology (NXO:TSX.V,NXOPF:OTCQX) please fill out the form below.

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