Nextleaf: Patented Cannabis Extraction Technology

Nextleaf is focused on extraction and developing intellectual property around cannabis products

Nextleaf pioneers the development and delivery of market-validated, patented cannabis processing solutions. They maximize the return on every harvest, through innovative processes and value-added products.

Nextleaf holds multiple U.S. issued and pending patents for the process of producing cannabinoid distillate, the precursor of every cannabis infused product.

“We’ve developed a portfolio of five issued and twenty-two pending patents”, says CEO, Paul Pedersen.

Highly concentrated THC or CBD distillate is odourless, tasteless, and standardized for potency. Nextleaf’s patented process will disrupt the  production of infused edibles and beverages.

Netleaf’s Vision

Nextleaf’s vision is to set the global standard for the development of novel extraction technology. They provide processing solutions for the next generation of cannabis consumers and products.

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