Northern Vertex Mining Corp.: The Next US Mine?

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Northern Vertex have largely de-risked their project. They’re in construction right now but they did do a full up and running pilot plant. We should see a production pouring gold later this year. But Ken Berry, the CEO, he’s done a great job de-risking that project. And as a result I’m betting that they’ll probably have some success right here. Focused on the reactivation of its 100% owned Moss Mine Gold/Silver Project located in NW Arizona, USA. To the best of management’s knowledge, Northern Vertex is certainly the next publicly traded company to initiate gold and silver production. Scheduled for Q4 2017 in the USA. The Company’s management comprises of an experienced management team. With above all a strong background in all aspects of acquisition, exploration, development, operations and financing of mining projects worldwide. The Company is focused above all on working effectively and respectfully with our stakeholders in the vicinity of the historical Moss Mine. And enhancing the capacity of the local communities in the area. Northern Vertex Mining Corp is actively engaged in the development of its flagship Moss Mine Gold-Silver project located in the historic Oatman Mining district in NW Arizona. Over the past six years the company has worked diligently to establish a substantial gold-silver resource. And is now focused on advancing the project to mine construction and future gold-silver production.

Words from the President and CEO Kenneth Berry:

“Activities on site at the Moss Mine continue to accelerate with the daily arrival and assembly of equipment. Our partnerships with Greenstone Resources, Sprott Lending and CAT Financial have enabled our team to execute its development plan to become the next producing gold mine in Arizona. I encourage Stakeholders to visit our website to view the daily transformation taking place at the Moss Mine site as our Team works toward pouring gold in Q4, 2017.” For more information on Northern Vertex Mining Corp. (NEE.V) please fill out the form below.

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