Largest Land Holder in Australia’s Pilbara Gold Rush | Pacton Gold

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Pacton Gold is one of Australia’s largest land holders in the recent Pilbara Gold Rush. We have an experienced team, and continues to aggressively add new key exploration properties. Pacton Gold  is a well-financed Canadian junior with key strategic partners. They focuses on the exploration and development of conglomerate-hosted gold properties. These properties are located in the district-scale Pilbara gold rush in Western Australia. The Company recently raised approximately $5.5 million. It currently controls the third largest conglomerate-hosted gold property portfolio totaling 2,227 km2.  And continues to aggressively review additional accretive acquisitions. Arrow Pilbara holds two granted tenement licences and two applications for licences. It comprises of a total of 609 km2 (the “Property”). The large Property is situated in the eastern portion of the currently defined part of Western Australia’s Pilbara gold play. For more information on Pacton Gold (PAC:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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