Threat Detection to Ensure Public Safety

Preventing acts of violence

“Patriot One is about public safety through threat detection. The company was set up to commercialize the technology combining low powered radar with machine learning to detect concealed threats so that we can prevent acts of violence. Since then, the company has embraced a number of other key innovations. So we’re much more than a technology now we’re a solution provider with some really key partners like Cisco. We have an emerging partnership with a major defense contractor. So, we’re putting in place the mechanisms to really take these technologies to a global audience to really fulfill the potential of the company.” – Martin Cronin, CEO of Patriot One Technologies

Patriot One Technologies Inc. aims to directly address the very real and growing Active Threat phenomena which has become a significant force for shaping research in weapons detection. Since the 1970’s many parts of the world have experienced ongoing increases in acts of international terrorism, with increasing numbers of domestic Active Shooter incidents occurring with disturbing frequency. In response, Patriot One and a respected university led research team have developed the basis for portable devices and software solutions to assist military and civilian security personnel in the detection of concealed weapons. The technology, which is intended to be placed in key access points, utilizes radio wave emissions to safely target, identify and notify of concealed threat potential through software recognition of specific wavelength patterns. Early warning is the key to effective deployment of timely countermeasures, and Patriot One is commercializing its PATSCAN™ CMR technology as an automated alert system capable of covertly screening moving individuals for on-body concealed weapons (handguns, knives, grenades, explosive vests, etc.).

Detection solutions

Patriot One offers covert threat detection technologies and solutions to extend security perimeters. PATSCAN weapons detection solutions offers an unobtrusive, layered, multi-sensor method to threat detection. Our tactical approach hardens building approach, entry and interior facility security without creating a fortress-like environment for the general public.

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