Patriot One: Technology to Stop the Spread of Violence & Potential Viruses

Revolutionary platform to identify visible and concealed threats

Patriot One Technologies’ goal is to deliver innovative threat detection and counter-terrorism solutions for safer communities. Patriot One understands the importance of effective security and is working to become the global leader in threat detection. Moreover, the Company’s PATSCAN™ Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform provides a network of advanced sensor technologies with powerful next-generation AI/machine learning software. Further, the network can be covertly deployed from far perimeter to interiors across multiple weapons-restricted facilities.

The PATSCAN™ platform identifies and reports threats wherever required; car park, building approach, employee & public entryways as well as inside the facilities. Additionally, each solution in the platform identifies weapons, related threats or disturbances, or potential health and safety threats for immediate security response. For example, it can detect elevated body temperature to stop the spread of potential viruses. Patriot One’s motto is Deter, Detect and Defend. It’s based on the belief that widespread use of the PATSCAN™ platform will act as an effective deterrent to diminish the epidemic of active threats around the globe.

Patriot One’s technology provides in-field and post-event analytics to monitor and tune overall performance. The system can dramatically provide additional layers of meaningful information to increase efficiency in emergency scene management, and quickly aid first responders access to additional data in real-time to help make them and the public safer.

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