Patriot One: Building the Standard in Threat Detection

Patriot One Technologies has technology to stop the spread of violence

Patriot One Technologies is aiming to address the spread of active violence. They will do this through superior detection technology that instantly identifies concealed weapons.

The company is building the gold standard in threat detection such as the detection of guns, knives, bombs and other threats to public safety.

“The idea is to be able to identify threats before something happens. It’s about striking the appropriate balance between civil liberties and security”, says CEO and President, Martin Cronin.

More on Patriot One Technologies

Patriot One and a research team at McMaster University, a well-respected Canadian center for research, and led by the expert guidance of  Dr. Natalia Nikolova (IEEE Fellow, CAE Fellow, P.Eng. Professor, Canadian Research Chair in High-Frequency Electromagnetics) have come together  to commercialize a system to detect concealed weapons utilizing novel radar technologies and custom software solutions.

Additionally, the system which has been developed and tested, is an innovative radar technology and software solution. It provides first responders and security personnel valuable time in Active Threat scenarios. Further, the technology offers stand-off detection of concealed threats typically employed in public locations. Its “cognitive” ability to detect guns and knives as well as to assess threats makes the technology unique. The system is trained prior to installation and continues to learn upon deployment, getting better and smarter at detecting hidden weapons with each screening instance.

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