Peekaboo Beans: A Children’s Clothing Company helping the world

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CEO & Founder of Peekaboo Beans, Traci Costa, speaks on how her company is helping the world

“Peekabo Beans is helping solve three things in the world. We’re creating a high quality ethically produced children’s apparel product creating confident children in comfortable clothing. Second is we have a unique distribution model where we are allowing the stay at home mom, the working mom, a parent to be able to sell our product and generate an extra income for their family. Third solution is we are a socially impactful business spreading a message of the importance of play and preserving it in children’s lives. They’re spending seven and a half hours in front of technology a day. And we know, that a healthy start in life is been grounded in a playful life. Our plans right now are all about market exposure. We’re launching some really exciting new programs, which is really about recurring revenue models. The Omni channel distribution is exciting. Moreover, we have proven our distribution model in Canada. We have over 1500 independent social retailers. We have done a soft launch into the U.S. Similarly, the children’s apparel space is a 36-billion-dollar market space and we are a category king in our product offerings and are well positioned to enter into a massive market space and take up some of that market share right now.”- Traci Costa, CEO & Founder of Peekaboo Beans.

Inspiring Through Clothing

Peekaboo Beans designs intentionally-crafted clothes for kids to inspire independence and confidence while providing comfort all day, every day. Likewise, they don’t use harmful dyes or toxic chemicals and are proud of their global partnerships. Moreover, the company is rigorous about their ethical labour and quality guidelines. Besides, Peekaboo’s partners provide fair wages, overtime and clean safe working conditions.

Clothes With Ethics

The intention of fast fashion is to design and manufacture inexpensive clothing (for as cheap as humanly possible) with the sole purpose of selling in high volumes to turn a quick profit. Their approach at Peekaboo Beans is entirely different. In addition, Peekaboo insists that their business partners implement their values and vision as a company, as well as provide guidance to their manufacturing partners on ethical standards and how to achieve them. Consequently, their business partners do not utilize child or forced labor and all employees are fairly compensated for hours worked at a rate that meets local industry standards. For more information on Peekaboo Beans (BEAN:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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