Peeks Social Inc. Social Media for E-Commerce

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This week on BTV we take a look at a handful of companies that made it on the TSX Venture Top 50 list. Peeks is the next stage in the evolution of media. It’s obvious given the daily interactions of the millennium. They’re on their phone, their on social media, they’re engaging e-commerce on their phone, it’s like why didn’t somebody put all this together? Watch us online or here on BNN. Imagine a world where your fans can express their appreciation in likes and cash. This is Peeks! An e-commerce enabled live streaming platform that allows users to interact and transact in real time with real cash. Your live viewers can express their appreciation of your live and even archived video content by simply tapping on their mobile screens to easily send you tips. For more information on Peeks Social Inc. (PEEK.V) please fill out the form below.

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