PharmaCielo: The World’s Largest Licensed Cannabis Producer

A Canadian company with Colombian operations

PharmaCielo is a global company, headquartered in Canada. They are focusing on ethical and sustainable processing and supplying of all natural, medicinal-grade cannabis oil extracts and related products to large channel distributors. Moreover, PharmaCielo’s principal (and wholly owned) subsidiary is PharmaCielo Colombia. The headquarters are at its nursery and propagation centre located in Rionegro, Colombia.

PharmaCielo is a Canadian company with Colombian operations. That being said, they access the capital markets within Canada, but also leverage the efficiencies and the opportunity of being close to the equator and having an efficient operating model.

Why Grow in Colombia?

The Colombian climate fosters open-air greenhouse propagation. This means the Company can grow cannabis as it’s meant to be grown, without any additives or simulated conditions. Furthermore, they only use real rainwater and sunlight. And it’s even more environmentally friendly because the plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

“The climate is probably the single biggest issue relating to cannabis. And so in Colombia, it’s in its natural habitat because you’ve got twelve hours of sunlight, twelve hours of darkness and natural water.”, says CEO, David Attard. “We grow it within the soil where it’s not created in a greenhouse. And as a result of that, we have some of the lowest costs in the world. We’re producing at four cents a gram compared to one to two dollars from our peers.” Attard continues.

More on PharmaCielo

PharmaCielo is the first company to hold Colombian licences for cannabis with unrestricted percentages of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), making them the world’s largest licensed producer.

The Company’s medicinal-grade oil extracts and related products provide reliable, standardized relief and wellness formulas for patients in need, including those requiring higher levels of THC.

Due to a recently signed multi-year deal with XPhyto Therapeutics, PharmaCielo will be supplying not only CBD extracts, but THC extracts as well to the medicinal cannabis market in Germany – the largest and most sophisticated market in Europe.

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