POET Technologies: Disrupting the Multi-Billion Dollar Photonics Market

Faster and cheaper data communications

POET Technologies has always been focused on the disruptive potential of its technology. The Company has created the first-ever wafer-level integration of electronics and photonics into a single device  –  the POET Optical Interposer.

Further, all fabrication, assembly, alignment, testing, burn-in and packaging are done at wafer-level. The POET Optical Interposer then achieves the lowest cost of integrating electronics and photonics, with unparalleled scalability.

Moreover, the POET Optical Interposer is a platform technology providing maximum flexibility and scalability. Both electronic and photonic devices are fabricated into the layers of the Optical Interposer at wafer-level, eliminating active alignment and allowing high-speed communication among all devices. Substituting devices or changing form factors is done with minimal design changes to the platform allowing Optical Interposer-based solutions to span multiple product generations and a wide variety of applications.

The POET Optical Interposer is fabricated in a wafer-level process that is completely compatible with standard CMOS semiconductor processing, making it the solution to a long-sought-after means to co-packaged optics – building photonics communications capability directly into a chip – for high speed computing and networking applications.

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