Posera Ltd. Technology Solving Hospitality Industry Issues

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Posera provides technology solutions to the hospitality industry as leading restaurant brands worldwide. Also proven with a large install base and recurring revenues leveraged for International growth. A leading provider of hospitality technology for more than 30 years. It manages merchant transactions with consumers and facilitates payment transaction. The company’s full service solutions include:
  • SecureTablePay®, which is an EMV compliant Pay-At-The-Table (“PATT”) application.
  • Posera’s Maitre’D® and FingerPrints™ restaurant management systems offer a robust and comprehensive solution.
Including hardware integration services, merchant staff training, system installation services, post-sale software and hardware customer support. The solutions are deployed globally across the full spectrum of restaurants. From large chains and independent table service restaurants to international quick service chains. As a result its products has been translated into eight languages. For more information on Posera Ltd. (PAY.TO) please fill out the form below.

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