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David Lahey, Founder & President of Predictive Success talks about their talent acquisition and human resources software.

“When I left Microsoft and found Predictive Success, I saw that human analytics, the workplace was changing and that we needed to have a different way of measuring and finding those great employees. So, Predictive Success is a new age Digital AI machine learning software program. That is based on 62 years worth of research and development. We took 17,000 adjectives and we put them together in a survey that takes five to six minutes which is wickedly accurate and allows the individual to get data on who that candidate will be 90 days later. And so when you have analytics to understand what buttons to push it is like a secondary paycheck for that employee, a different way of motivating, a different way of inspiring and they will go through the wall for you. Generally hiring costs are down by 30% and the time to fill a rate or time to fill an open role is anywhere from 11 to 40% faster. Great Westlife has done that with the predictive index and more recently Western Forest Products in Toronto. We’re now in an 11th year, we just celebrated our 500th customer. A lot of companies can’t afford a chief analytic officer. Gardner predicts in 2025, the top 100 will have a chief analytic officer. Well, most small companies can’t afford that but they can afford a wedge of software that allows them to have the analytics in their corner and not just once and left in the HR file, but used from hire to inspire.” – David Lahey, Founder & President of Predictive Success

Attract Top Talent

Hire the whole person to attract top talent and ensure a job and cultural fit. You need to look at the head, the heart and the briefcase. Workplace analytics gives employers the advantage of being able to look at data to find out if they have the right drive, the right temperament and learning ability to do the job. For more information on Predictive Success Corporation please fill out the form below.