Ron Coombes, CEO of Providence Gold Mines Inc., on High-Grade Gold Deposit

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Ron Coombes, President & CEO of Providence Gold Mines Inc. talks about the company’s historical deposit that was one of the highest grading deposits in the Mother Lode region.

I’ve been in the mining business for over 20 years. We’ve developed several deposits throughout Canada. Providence gold mine has been sitting for 100 years. Last mined in 1916. It’s a historical deposit that was one of the highest grading deposits in the Mother Lode region. When I first looked at the property, I found it hard to believe that something could be sitting like this for 100 years. The project lies within an area called the Sonora Gold district. It’s a pretty famous area within the California Mother Lode district and there’s been millions of ounces mined around us or very nearby. The infrastructure as far as the underground development etc. is in great shape. I mean we’re really quite taken back at the fact that there’s no rock faults and very competent rock. The underground development it’s got miles of underground development already made. This ground is all patented ground for starters so it’s an ex-producer. And we basically have all the surface rights, water rights etc. So, we’re pretty excited about that. I think that 2018 with the price of gold on the horizon here and the American economy regulations etc. it bodes well for our industry. We’re pretty excited about the property it’s got lots of potential it could be a very significant producer. Focused in the California’s “Mother Lode” District. The Company believes using modern exploration, extraction methods the Providence Gold Mines has development potential to become once again a significant gold producer.

The Providence Gold Mines are:

  • Located in Summerville Mining District, Tuolumne County, California, in eastern belt of the “Mother Lode” District.
  • Providence Mines Property consists of 6 patented mineral claims and 22 located claims, which include the Providence, Consuelo, and Goodenough Mines.
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