2 New Projects Near Lithium Mines

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Pure Energy Minerals is advancing two new projects near operating lithium mines. With major partners on board and a cutting edge plant on the way, Pure Energy is at the forefront of the clean energy revolution. Pure Energy Minerals is an emerging leader in the development of innovative, resource efficient mineral exploration and project development. Pure Energy’s flagship lithium brine project is located in Clayton Valley, Nevada, immediately adjacent to North America’s only producing lithium mine. Pure Energy Minerals is led by seasoned technical and business development professionals who have deep roots in resource development, project and corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions. Among the relatively small community of lithium explorers and developers, few companies can boast more lithium specific experience than the Pure Energy team. In addition, Pure Energy is at the leading edge of new processing technologies for lithium through its collaboration with global multinational technology partners such as Tenova Bateman (Tenova Bateman Technologies). Our objective is to demonstrate and deploy low-cost and earth-friendly processing technologies to produce advanced lithium battery materials to meet the anticipated burgeoning growth in lithium demand. For more information on Pure Energy Minerals (PE.V) please fill out the form below.

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