CEO of Q BioMed, Denis Corin, on New Drug Application

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Denis Corin, CEO of Q BioMed, about the future plans for the company, which includes a new drug application.

Q BioMed acquires and provides strategic resources and expansion capital to innovative healthcare companies. Mostly, these are companies that strive to provide healthcare and related products to patients in need. Around for just two years, the company has now four products underway. As a result, developing all of them at full steam is going to keep them very busy. The first product is a radio-pharmaceutical for the treatment of metastatic cancer. Essentially, it’s a commercial product now FDA approved, in the process of final production validation.

New Drug Applications

Q BioMed expects to file two IND’s by the end of this year.  The first one is for the autism disorder, and the next is a liver cancer drug. Both of them are going into the clinic in early 2018. And the company will also move the glaucoma drug into its pre IND clinical program in 2019. So, a tremendous amount of development ahead is really a great motivation. Consequently, the company should have a NDA or a new drug application by the end of next year. This is considered phenomenal for such a young company. The idea is to give shareholders something really interesting to look forward to on a continuous basis.

Plans for the Future

By partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs, Q BioMed aims to help create market-leading products and companies in the biomedical and healthcare sector. As entrepreneurs and investors with operational and technical expertise, the team embraces a collaborative approach to reach capital formation and business development. Above all, Q BioMed intends to maximize risk-adjusted returns. To do so, the company focuses on clinical stage and innovative products. For more information on Q BioMed Inc. (QBIO) please fill out the form below.

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