4 New Biomedical Products

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Q BioMed was formulated as an acceleration company to go and source innovative undervalued biotechnology assets in the pharmaceutical space and accelerate their development. We’ve got four products in our pipeline. The first product, essentially a commercial product, now it’s FDA approved. We’ll probably be filing two IND’s by the end of this year so a tremendous amount of development ahead, some really great catalysts and we should have an NDA or a new drug application by the end of next year which will be phenomenal for a very young company.

Q BioMed Inc. is a biomedical acceleration and development company. We are dedicated to acquiring and providing strategic resources and expansion capital to innovative healthcare companies that strive to provide much needed healthcare and related products to patients in need.

By partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs we aim to help to create market-leading products and companies in the biomedical and healthcare sector. As entrepreneurs and investors with operational and technical expertise we embrace a collaborative approach to capital formation and business development.

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