Quadron Cannatech Corporation: Faster Cannabis Extraction

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Rosy Mondin, President and CEO of Quadron Cannatech Corporation. Speaks about the company’s high flow CO2 system, The Boss.

We’re involved in the cannabis space. We’re an ancillary company we call it picks and shovels. So primarily we build equipment and we sell lab services. Extracting the material gives you the crude oil but then you need to refine and process that. To get the actual final product that you want. Whether it’s to put into a vape pen or a capsule or whatever value-added product there is. What makes us unique right now is absolutely our high flow CO2 system called The Boss. It extracts faster, the processing time is faster than other traditional machines. That are out there and within an hour of setting it up you should be off and going. The extraction time is about four hours. A full run with our 45 liter vessel is about six hours with decompression time and cleaning out the vessel. So, if you compare that to traditional equipment which runs at about an eight to ten hour extraction time. I think we’ve created something that’s going to disrupt the industry. Not only do we sell our co2 extractor The Boss. We also have other lines of revenue as well which is hardware such as vape pens. Also, our engineers, they also are diversified and they do contracts for various other companies throughout British Columbia. So that it generates revenue for us as well. We are just starting to ramp up sales now. The response that we’ve been getting is fantastic so we’re really excited to see where this is all going to go.

About Quadron Cannatech Corporation

A Vancouver based automated extraction and processing solutions company.  Through its subsidiaries Soma Labs Scientific. Greenmantle and Cybernetic Control Systems. Quadron provides ancillary equipment, products and services. Designed and structured to address the complex needs and requirements of federally authorized cannabis industry participants in North America. We’ve experienced the same frustrations as so many others in this industry having used other CO2 systems on the market. And working with different extraction methods and technology. When we purchased our first CO2 extractor we laboured through months of set-up with the manufacturer. And spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for installation costs and facility upgrades. Even after that, the system still produced low-quality product and low yield. And so The BOSS was born. We set out to change the game. With a background in growing medical cannabis and super and subcritical CO2 extraction. Our Lead Designer created The BOSS CO2 Extraction System to alleviate the headaches extract producers have faced for years. Including overly complex set-up and operation, inconsistent output, yield and more. For more information on Quadron Cannatech Corporation (QCC.CN) please fill out the form below.

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