IT Services for Mid-Tier Companies | Robert Bracey

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Robert Bracey, President & CEO of Quartet Service touches on their IT services for mid-tier companies.

“One of the key skills that we have at Quartet, certainly one of the elements of pride, is our change management, not just capability but our willingness. Quartet provides IT services for mid-tier companies. Hosted hardware, hosted servers, hosted phones and things like that. And partly support services; monitoring, helpdesk, and the other batch of services of what we call change management. Most mid-tier companies don’t like revolutionary change, what they like is evolutionary change. To do that well, you have to have an agile system of iteration, iteration, iteration sort of building on success. With mid tier companies, they need IT but they always can’t get what they need when they need it. It’s sort of imperfect distribution so, that’s what we try to fix. A mid-tier company, say a hundred person company, might need a very, very senior server guy but you don’t need them all the time so we provide that as it’s needed. The same goes for project management or security services or on from there. What we do is try and eliminate that pregnant pause when a mid tier company needs something in IT but doesn’t have the wherewithal to buy it, or all of it. We’re fixing imperfect distributions is what we’re doing. You know all the well-funded companies have fancy tools and good people all that, the difference is in execution. One of the things we do when we’re prospecting for clients is actually try and get a feel for what they’re like and we really encourage them to try and get a feel for what we’re like as well.” – Robert Bracey, President & CEO of Quartet Service Mid-sized companies earn over 60% ROI on digital transformation projects. Choose Quartet’s infrastructure, operations or innovation services to accelerate your journey. You’ll shift from defense to offence and execute plans with confidence and speed. We’ve been in business 20 years, have service guarantees, excellent references, use the latest tools, and are now SOC2 – certified. For more information on Quartet Service please fill out the form below.

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