Denis Taschuk On Revolutionizing Ingredient Extraction

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Denis Taschuk, President and CEO of Radient Technologies Inc. On the company’s technology that will revolutionize ingredient extraction.

The company’s going through a high-growth period right now. Focusing above all in the near and midterm in the cannabis, tobacco and the health wellness nutrition spaces. From its 20,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Edmonton Alberta. Radient Technologies is revolutionizing the extraction of ingredients. Their patented technology is called M.A.P for microwave-assisted processing. It transforms the way that a range of biological materials are extracted from various natural sources. This process improves purity and yield at a reduced cost. Radient has developed a great technology, through the use of microwaves. We’re able to extract very interesting chemicals and actives from natural materials. We’ve done work for a number of industries from Pharma to personal care, health, food, beverage now moving into cannabis oils. And extraction of cannabinoids from cannabis materials. We’re very excited with the growth opportunities that are sitting in front of the company right now. The cannabinoids industry is new for explosive growth. And we’re delighted that we bring a technological response to the industry. That we believe make a meaningful difference to the industry and obviously delighted about it.

Differentials and technology

Radient develops and manufactures extracts for our customers. The solutions we provide allow our customers to have competitive advantages in their marketplace. Using our core M.A.P. technology, our solutions can provide substantially higher yields. And purity when compared to conventional natural extraction. With conventional extraction, the biomass housing the target compound is soaked in solvent. Heated to 50°C or more, and over several hours, the natural compound of interest diffuses into the solvent. Following filtration, drying, and other downstream processing. The target ingredient is isolated. This method consumes dramatically more time, energy, and resources than M.A.P. Combining M.A.P. technology and our experience with natural compounds. We are able to selectively deposit microwave energy into a biomass, heat the target elements. While leaving other materials unaltered. The near-instantaneous “in-core” heating that occurs creates pressure. That drives out the target compound exceedingly faster than the conventional extraction method. For more information on Radient Technologies (RTI.V) please fill out the form below.