Radient Technologies – Cannabis Supply Chain Leader

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Radient’s unique, high-speed technology extracts more active ingredients than competing systems, while meeting rigorous standards of product safety and quality assurance. As a result, it places Radient as an international leader in the cannabis supply chain. Radient has a patented, proprietary Microwave Assisted Processing or MAP™ technology. It is based on the selective and localized heating of the moisture present in all natural materials. This is achieved using microwaves as the energy source. In general, microwaves interact with materials in three ways:
  • Reflective materials such as metals do not heat (i.e. they do not absorb energy, but rather reflect the energy).
  • Transparent materials such as most liquids other than water do not heat or reflect. Microwaves pass right through them and are only absorbed to a small extent.
  • Similarly, Absorptive materials such as water absorb microwaves and are heated.
Microwaves do not heat by conduction or convection but rather dielectrically. In brief, it means microwaves create heat when a material stops or slows the radiation causing it to deposit some of its energy. This is subsequently dissipated as heat. Microwaves interact directly with the object being heated. And this interaction is related to both the chemical and dielectric properties of the object, it is possible to apply heat (or more precisely, energy) in ways that are not achievable by any other means. Furthermore, every material will absorb microwave energy to a different extent. And individual parts of that material will absorbing the energy differently. Radient’s technological advantage and expertise in selectively depositing microwave energy into different parts of a biomass’ complicated chemical system form the core of our extraction advantage. For more information on Radient Technologies (RTI.V) please fill out the form below.

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