Radient Technologies: A Patented Extraction Technology Is On the “MAP”

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A patented technology that safely extracts high value ingredients from a variety of natural sources

Radient develops and manufactures extracts for customers. The solutions provided allow customers to have competitive advantages in the marketplace. The core technology called MAP – Microwave Assisted Processing can provide substantially higher yields and purity when compared to conventional natural extraction. Why MAP is a great improvement over conventional methods LESS AND MORE
  • Less equipment, more product. M.A.P. manufacturing occupies a relatively small footprint in relation to the conventional method, while yielding more.
  • In a recent example, a client extracting lignans from flax seed was able to achieve a purity of 65%, significantly exceeding their original target purity of 35%.
  • M.A.P. maximizes the amount of target compound recovered per unit of biomass. Besides, it can cost-effectively isolate and extract compounds previously considered uneconomic.
  • Extraction time is typically measured in minutes, not hours, with clients seeing improvements of 90% or more.
  • M.A.P. enables clients to drastically reduce solvent usage. In one example, a client reduced its solvent ratio from 10:1 to 4:1, while simultaneously switching from a toxic to benign solvent.
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