Helping Patients Manage Their Health From Home

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A software program that allows patients to manage their health from home, virtually

Reliq Health Technologies is a healthcare technology company, specialized in developing solutions for the community care market. The iUGO Care platform is a SAAS solution that allows chronic disease patients to receive high quality care in the home or other community-based setting. As a result, it improves health outcomes, enhances quality of life for patients and families, while reducing the cost of care delivery.

Addressing the Community Care

Reliq Health’s technology meets the needs of the global Community Care market. Community Care is an umbrella term that refers to the healthcare patients receive outside the hospital setting. As the population ages, global healthcare costs are rising significantly and the existing healthcare business model is rapidly becoming unsustainable. Demand by governments, HMOs and patients for more efficient healthcare is driving healthcare organizations to reduce costs. So, the tendency is to move care out of the acute, inpatient setting into the Community. Reliq is targeting three large and growing segments within the Community Care market, by addressing their key challenges:
  • Poor access to specialized care in remote, rural and inner city areas;
  • Shrinking percentage of healthcare personnel to care for more chronically ill patients;
  • Chronic diseases account for ~80% of all healthcare spending in the developed nations worldwide. However, patients at home receive poorly managed care for chronic conditions, leading to complications and the need for hospitalizations, ER visits and other costly and disruptive interventions.
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