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Like a Bloomberg terminal – where everything in the stock market is in one place in real time –  RESAAS unites Agents, Brokers, Franchises and MLSs in a single place. Currently, these real estate groups don’t work together in a unified way – they’re fragmented and work in silos creating massive inefficiency. RESAAS’ Cloud and Blockchain platform enables real estate agents, brokerages, franchises and MLSs to bring real-time communication, transactions and unique data to their agents on a global basis.  For the first time, this puts professionals onto a single platform enabling them to do more business through more connections. Now: Agents can showcase their local knowledge. Brokers can connect agents to increase their deal flow and bottom line. Franchises can boost leads inside their network of agents and offices MLSs can take control of premarket activity. Today, over 400,000 agents use RESAAS technology in a private industry-only B2B SaaS network. It’s available in 22 languages and supports 45 currencies for international reach. Plus, RESAAS’ global referral system provides a history of transactions to the brokerages involved with a blockchain-backed Smart Contract. Funds are transferred directly and securely once a referral completes. This doesn’t exist in the real estate industry today. In a nutshell: RESAAS unites Agents, Brokers, Franchises and MLSs in one place in real time so they can access the same data, act quickly and generate more revenue. For more information on RESAAS (RSS.V) please fill out the form below.

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