Ronin8 Technologies Saving The Planet From E-Waste

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Peter Holgate, CEO of Ronin8 Technologies Ltd. talks about the company’s model. Which is helping smelters and recyclers minimize their environmental impact.

It’s the most massive problem you can imagine. It is the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. By 2020, we estimate there will be 30 billion devices using electronics. And there isn’t a viable solution to separate these, until now. Our ability to separate metals from non-metals cleanly, has a tremendous value for anyone dealing with electronic waste. Whether they’re a recycler or a smelter or even an OEM. The large-scale sonic generator uses the benefit of sound energy. Like a massive tuning fork, except it’s 5 tons of steel vibrating at 50 or 60 Hertz per minute. It’s important to understand our business model is not selling equipment. Our business model is building strategic partnerships with industry players. Like smelters and recyclers to work with them to maximize their yields. Minimize their environmental impact and provide other sampling benefits.

The target market

People who are already in the industry of processing electronic waste. While, we can separate metals from non-metals. Like nobody else, we see future opportunities in extracting all the rare earth metals and rare earth elements that exist in our unique metal concentrates.

The vision

To be the world’s leader in creating a circular economy for the electronics industry. Our Mission is to responsibly revitalize the maximum value from e‑feedstock. By cultivating meaningful relationships and deploying innovative processes. We believe that perfecting separation is a critical first step in moving towards a true closed loop system in the electronics industry Current recycling techniques for printed circuit boards destroy the entire non-metal portion. In order to capture the metal value. At Ronin8, we have developed the ground-breaking technologies to separate metals from non-metals. Enabling each stream to be processed in a manner which unlocks its maximum value. Our ultimate goal is to recirculate all metal and non-metal commodities from post-consumer sources back into the manufacturing of new products. Creating a circular economy for electronics. For more information on Ronin8 Technologies Ltd. please fill out the form below.

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