Rritual Superfoods: Take Charge of Your Health with Natural Elixirs

Natural elixirs to support your physical and mental wellbeing

Rritual offers a range of products to fit every lifestyle. Ther natural elixirs are powered by super ingredients that help you navigate the mental, emotional, and physical challenges of our modern lifestyle, helping you find the balance you’ve been missing.

Further, consumers today are looking for natural and organic alternatives to prescribed medication. They want something that helps deal with everyday stress, everyday focus as well as building immunity. Rritual is dedicated to purity, efficacy, and sustainability. In fact, all Rritual products are certified organic, gluten-free, vegan, and made with only non-gmo ingredients and no added sweeteners or artificial flavors of any kind.

“We want to be the premium brand in the superfood space,” says CEO, David Kerbel.

About adaptogens

Adaptogens are non-toxic herbs, roots, and fungi that work to increase your body’s ability to resist stressors thus restoring the body to its normal or optimal function. Rritual produces simple mushroom adaptogen products with limited, yet very purposeful and organic ingredients. 

Additionally, their organic mushroom mycelium are grown on gluten-free whole oats and organic brown rice. Moreover, they’re harvested from certified organic US mushroom farms. Rritual honours the life cycle of the mushroom. This provides all the beneficial bioactive compounds and metabolites that can only be found in the worlds greatest superfoods.

“Rritual is now on its next journey, which is in the IPO, and we’re going to be in the multiple thousands of retailers in 2021,” says Kerbel.

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