High Grade 100% Certified Organic Cannabis

Rubicon Organics is building certified organic super premium cannabis brands

Rubicon Organics are professionals in high tech cannabis agriculture and consumer packaged goods.

Moreover, the company’s plants are grown in proprietary soil made with certified organic ingredients. From planting to packaging, they carry out each stage of the growing process by hand.

Further, their process replicates outdoor growing techniques. Overseen by skilled and knowledgeable growers, everything that goes into their plants comes from the ground and the ocean.

More on Rubicon

The company was founded in 2015 by a small group of cannabis entrepreneurs. In fact, they have grown into an industry recognized company, with 2 world-renowned facilities and a portfolio of leading cannabis brands.

Additionally, they’ve assembled a diverse team of industry leaders within Certified Organic cannabis production, risk management, corporate and operational finance, marketing and sales who will continue to drive their business towards a bigger and better future.

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