Reducing Carbon By Recovering Waste Water Heat | Lynn Mueller | SHARC Energy System

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Lynn Mueller, CEO and Co-Founder of SHARC Energy System shares how the company recovers waste water heat to provide water heating and space conditioning.

About Sharc Energy System & Waste Water Heat Usuage

The main focus of SHARC is to recover the billions of dollars a year. That is put down the drain in the form of warm moist water. So from showers, dishwashers, laundry all that energy from every house in the world ends up going down the drain system. In the U.S. and Canada for instance that’s a total of about 40 billion dollars a year that can be recovered. And with that the associated carbon savings. SHARC Energy has a product for every part of the market. We have a large industrial product called the SHARC Unit. We have a single building product called the Paraná and we’re just coming out with the household version. Everything we do reduces carbon, we offset natural gas on all of our installations. So we are really one of the leading technologies in the world on carbon reduction. We have installations in three continents. We have offices in North America, Australia and the UK. One very exciting project we did recently was convert an entire university in Scotland from natural gas to sewage heat recovery. And the carbon reduction associated with that has won that university acclaim around the world for the system. In the new world order here of reducing carbon, we’re going to be a major player but we can be a very, very reliable responsible company in the meantime. SHARC Energy Systems is a renewable energy company that recovers heat from wastewater to provide water heating and space conditioning.

SHARC Energy Systems’ mission is to:

Significantly reduce global carbon emissions by turning the largest source of waste into a sustainable heating and conditioning source for every building. Provide the most cost-efficient technology to reduce current and future energy costs for our clients. For more information on SHARC Energy Systems (SHRC:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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