Silver Viper Minerals: New Precious Metals Discovery in Mexico

New discoveries at El Rubi

Silver Viper Minerals has a brand new discovery at its El Rubi zone, of the La Virginia project.

Based in Sonora Mexico, the precious metals exploration company’s main focus is gold and silver. In addition to the new discoveries, they’re seeing a lot of historic results that they plan to produce resources on.

“It’s one of the most exciting exploration assets in the space at the moment and I think it’s a company that’s prime for a lot of success moving forward,” says CEO Steve Cope. “It seems that we are finally at the start of a bull market in precious metals.”

Historical results

Since identifying regional anomalies at El Rubi, they’ve been running a large mapping and sampling program in that valley. This identified four major new anomalies. In fact, they’ve decided to have a second rig to target the area to make new discoveries.

In addition, the project has a lot of historical results since it was the number one exploration asset in mine finders by the previous owners, Panamerican Silver.

“Our first discovery at Silver Viper was fantastic. Part of what got us excited was this large northern half of the project that had never seen any modern exploration,” Cope says. ” To go and hit discovery and vindicate what you were seeing on service and what got us excited and why we did option the project, I mean, it feels incredibly good and we’re very proud of the team to achieve that in such a short period of time.”

Belcarra Group

Silver Viper is one of the four companies that make the Belcarra Group, a portfolio of four mineral exploration companies.

“A lot more money goes into the ground because we’re able to share our costs across four companies within the Belcarra Group,” says Cope. ” I think that’s a huge advantage for us versus a lot of our peers.”

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