15 Projects on 35000 Hectares

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President & CEO of SLAM Exploration, Mike Taylor speaks about the company’s portfolio of properties of 35,000 hectares.

“We focus on zinc because zinc, it’s in our backyard and it’s one of the world-class zinc producing areas. New Brunswick’s a mineral rich province so our primary focus is zinc. If we have cobalt in our backyard, we’re not going to walk past there and ignore it, we’re going to go and look for cobalt and that’s what we’re doing. We have a nice portfolio of properties; 15 projects, 35,000 hectares and we’re looking for partners on those. They’re all in the Bathurst Mining Camp, all good access, road accessible and all of them have previous indications of mineralization by drilling. They’re all prospective for zinc and/or cobalt, most of them for zinc. The projects we have all have potential for big deposits. There’s no small base metal operations. Right away if you’re successful you get into the big mining business and we’re looking to take a step into that. We intend to go there in the spring and we intend to drill at Ramsey for cobalt and we intend to drill at Portage for zinc. so we have a nice play building up there and SLAM is probably the second largest landholder in that base metal play.” – Mike Taylor, President & CEO of SLAM Exploration

SLAM acquired a new cobalt claim adjacent to its Portage VMS zinc project.  The new claim is prospective for cobalt as well as zinc-lead-copper-silver.

SLAM expanded its Ramsay cobalt project to 4884 hectares with 2 new claims covering potential extensions suggested by the presence of anomalous cobalt levels in steams sediments.  Anomalous cobalt levels of 39 ppm, 75 ppm and 49 ppm were detected 0.5, 6.0 and 9.0 km respectively northwest of the Ramsay occurrence.

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