Solo Growth Corp: An Independent Cannabis Retailer With Commitment

Operating as YSS by Solo™, Solo Growth Corp.™ is a cannabis retailer with the vision to become a premier retailer and the trusted destination for retail cannabis in Canada. Since, we launched in June 2018, YSS has leveraged management’s expertise in commercial real estate to build a strategic portfolio of future locations while managing financial commitments and has completed construction on our first three stores in Alberta. Furthermore, with over 22 years’ experience gained through profitably operating the Solo Liquor retail brand, Solo Growth management brings operational excellence in responsible controlled-substance retail to the newly legalized cannabis industry. The YSS by Solo™ retail experience is built on our five fundamental pillars: convenience, value, selection, team and above all else, trust. “SOLO”.

At Solo Growth, we believe that operational excellence generates positive returns in all markets and competitive environments. Besides, we pride ourselves on a long track record of profitable execution within a regulated substance environment. Furthersome, our commitment to building solid industry relationships, disciplined capital allocation, operational know-how, and ensuring that our stores provide an exceptional experience for our customers and employees sets Solo Growth apart from our competitors.

Our operational expertise in the regulated retail liquor market includes robust customer and real estate analytics, strong collaborative and constructive relationships with municipalities and regulators across Alberta, and landlords across Western Canada. Moreover, our commitment to people, assets, business and the communities where we operate will continue to drive Solo Growth’s success and provide the foundation for our expansion into new markets, including Ontario.

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