Robert Mintak On Modern Technology For Lithium Processing

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Robert Mintak, CEO of Standard Lithium Ltd., speaks on the company’s portfolio of US lithium brine projects.

Standard Lithium is building a highly prospective portfolio of domestic US lithium brine projects. Unlocking value using modern technology on resources that have been overlooked by other companies. There’s opportunities in North America, there’s opportunities in the domestic United States on brine projects that have been overlooked because the approach the companies have taken is to apply conventional mining processes to them. We’ve identified a project in California in Bristow Lake. We are partnered with a existing producing mine. The region has been producing industrial minerals from brine for over a hundred years so we know there’s a lithium value there, we’ve sampled the brine at surface, we know there’s lithium in the brine. There’s infrastructure in place, Route 66 runs right up to the door of the company. There’s power on-site, there’s water on-site, the projects five hours from the Port of Los Angeles.It’s in California which is the green energy capital of the world. That eliminates a number of the risks that companies take on being able to bring their projects forward. We’re at the beginning of a growth cycle, we’ve just completed a 7.5 million dollar financing. Work is now underway on unlocking resource value on our California asset and we’re looking at growth opportunities on acquiring new assets that have been undervalued or overlooked. We’re looking to unlock value using modern technology. The world’s demand for lithium is projected to be a whopping 534,000 metric tonnes by 2025. That represents a 300% increase from today. Global trade dynamics are evolving, as we settle into the “new normal,” proximity to demand, geopolitical stability and innovative production ecosystems will trump existing supply chains, as technology transforms and unlocks resource value in the years ahead. Technology is reshaping our approach to mining, putting resources that were once inaccessible or overlooked within reach. Several promising technology-driven transformations in lithium processing have the potential to open up new regions to production. Standard’s value creation strategy encompasses acquiring a diverse and highly prospective portfolio of domestic production locations led by an innovation & results oriented management team with a strong focus on technical skills.   For more information on Standard Lithium Ltd. (SLL.V) please fill out the form below.