Standard Lithium Discovering Lithium in a Southern Arkansas

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The demand for lithium is set to increase over the coming decade. The mineral resources need to supply this demand but not easy to unlock.  Standard lithium plays a main role in the critical mineral resource development. Our structured approach to discovery, strategic alliances, and industry-leading extraction processes expertise. Standard Lithium entered an Option Agreement with NYSE-listed TETRA Technologies INC. in January 2018. We get the rights to conduct exploration, production, and extraction on 33,000 acres. Additionally, our company is one of the big lithium industry’s who has the most promising regions to develop. Besides this, our company has given the potential resource size. Our existing large-scale production infrastructure has re-injection facilities. For more information on Standard Lithium Ltd (STLHF: OTCQX,SLL: TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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