Rapid Lithium Extraction Technology – Standard Lithium

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“World demand for lithium is growing. It’s being driven by electric vehicles, clean energy and energy storage. Moreover, South Arkansas is home to one of the world’s largest and most strategically located lithium brine resources. It’s an unconventional resource that requires a new approach. Besides, the key to unlocking that begins with our demonstration pilot plant of our rapid lithium extraction technology. We’re commissioning that in Q1 2019, with exciting news to follow.” – Robert Mintak, CEO of Standard Lithium As well as, the company believes new lithium production that can be brought on stream rapidly by minimizing project risks. Infact, the company has minimal requirements for mining, reduced permitting risk and access to low cost chemical reagents.

The Smackover Project

The Company’s flagship project is in southern Arkansas. The 180,000+ acre “Smackover Project”, is in the most prolific and productive brine region in North America. Consequently, by securing access to strategically important resource through agreements with the areas largest commercial brine operators Standard Lithium is able to utilize the extensive existing infrastructure, including brine supply and disposal pipelines, water, power and a trained work force to fast track project development time lines. Standard Lithium’s break through rapid lithium extraction process reduces the recovery time of extracting lithium from brine from the current industry method that takes years to as little as several hours. Moreover, the process is also much more environmentally friendly with a significantly smaller foot print than the conventional processes. Finally, the company has a signed agreement to locate a demonstration scale plant in Southern Arkansas in 2019. For more information on Standard Lithium Ltd. (STLHF:OTCQX,SLL:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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