Viraf S. Kapadia On Aircraft Monitoring System

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Viraf S. Kapadia, CEO and Chairman of Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. Talks about the company’s real-time aircraft monitoring system.

We have six patents around the world. Basically Star Navigation is a real-time monitoring system for aircraft health. As well as tracking of aircraft, which is proactive not reactive like the black box. We tell you before things go bad, there is deterioration in aircraft functions, engine and others. So they can do proper maintenance, they can service their craft better. If there is an issue with a particular flight it can be looked after at the next stop. If it’s an immediate issue we can even point it out by sending any parameter. Which is breached to the ground and they can do something from the ground. However, maybe there is an issue that cannot be handled like MH370 or Air France 447 at least. We would have known the location if our system was on board. We want to make contribution to airline safety at the same time, savings for Airlines. Also looking at capturing as much as possible of the retrofit market. And bring the older aircraft which are about 30,000 aircraft in the world or more even to the same level. As the Dreamliner Boeing 787. Working with one of the top five aviation manufacturers in the world.

About Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd.

A leading edge technology company focused on providing Aerospace Solutions. We provide both hardware and software platforms such as:
  • The STAR-A.D.S.™: the real-time worldwide tracking and monitoring systems
  • The STAR-MMI™: Flat Panel and LCD Displays, and Control Units to assist aerospace and defense operators worldwide.
Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Star (TSX Venture: SNA) (OTCBB: SNAVF) has developed the STAR-ISMS® In-flight Safety Monitoring System. The first system in the world to feature in-flight data monitoring and diagnostics with a real-time, secure connection between aircraft and ground. Made possible through current technology and satellite transmission. Our focus is on aerospace solutions that provide well balanced benefits for industry, airlines, consumers and the environment. Our solutions address primary issues in the aviation industry for safety and efficiency. For more information on Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. (SNA.CN) please fill out the form below.

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