Starlight Capital: Long Term Outperformance For Retail Investors

Starlight Capital is giving retail investors exposure usually reserved for institutional investors

The Starlight Hybrid Global Real Assets Trust provides retail investors with exposure to institutional quality, real estate and infrastructure investments, as well as a portfolio of best in class listed real estate and infrastructure securities.

About Starlight Capital

The company’s goal is to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns for investors by using its disciplined approach of Focused Business Investing. They build concentrated portfolios of high-quality businesses when they offer enough return for the risk they are exposed to.

Additionally, clients have a variety of investment solutions to help answer a wide range of client needs including Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and Structured Products.

Starlight Hybrid Global Real Assets Trust Highlights

  • Attractive long-term capital appreciation potential with a 5% target yield per annum
  • Access to a concentrated portfolio of actively managed global real estate and infrastructure securities that have shown relatively low correlations to traditional equities.
  • Access to institutional private real estate and infrastructure investments that have the potential to provide long term returns.

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