Base Metals Over the Long Term | Stefan Ioannou

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Analyst, Stefan Ioannou, takes a look at base metals over the long term.

“Looking at base metals from a longer term point of view, we are quite bullish on the metals across the board. I think just fundamentally, growing population, growing development in emerging nations. India, China in the forefront right now. But India longer term just stands to garner a lot of demand for base metals in general. Obviously, specific base metals have different timelines associated with them. Zinc is right now in a supply crunch and so there’s a lot of attention on zinc moving higher over the next year or two. I think as we move further out medium term you know 2019, 2020 and 2021, there’s a very strong story for copper and eventually nickel as well. Some of that being driven by just sort of a status quo demand increase. But also new themes like the electric vehicle and battery demand.” – Stefan Ioannou, Base Metals Analyst