Supreme Pharmaceuticals Cannabis B2B Model

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Supreme Pharmaceuticals is already selling to other LP’s, namely Aurora Cannabis and they foresaw situations like Ontario and New Brunswick. Where there will be one major buyer of marijuana from the LP’s and they will be doing all the retailing. We believe the world is ready to end a century of cannabis prohibition – a global movement rooted in Canada. Supreme has been at the centre of the cannabis space since 2014 in pursuit of this massive opportunity. Supreme trades as FIRE (TSX.V:FIRE) on the Toronto Venture Exchange. FIRE is a testament to our passion for cannabis, our obsession with quality, and our mission to light up the cannabis sector.  7ACRES is Supreme’s wholly owned operating subsidiary, and currently is Supreme’s only operating business unit. We established 7ACRES as the first licensed producer focused on growing high-quality cannabis in high quantities. Today 7ACRES is en route to becoming Canada’s leading cultivator of consistently great commercial cannabis. As legalization grows beyond our borders, we will continue to identify new opportunities to build innovative cannabis businesses across the globe. For more information on Supreme Pharmaceuticals (FIRE.V) please fill out the form below.

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