Takun Art Co., Ltd. Well Priced Art Investment

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Takung Art Co. wants to revolutionize the art work markets. And what we do is break down pieces of art work into fractional ownerships. That makes it more affordable for middle class people to invest into this investment class. The company currently has over 100 thousand traders on our platform and we would like to develop into 1 million. We added  another platform which is Takung Online for art consumers to buy and sell art. Based in Hong Kong, Takung Art Company Ltd. provides a secure and easy way for art collectors and investors to acquire shared ownership in Asian and other fine art. Including paintings, calligraphies, jewelry and precious gems. And participate in the booming international art market without fear of price manipulation and forgery. The ability to trade these valuable assets on Takung’s proprietary online trading platform has attracted a significant number of fine art investors. Including many ordinary people without substantial financial resources. This platform expands the interactions between sellers and buyers of fine art. Far beyond those generated by art galleries and auction houses alone. For providing this unique service, Takung Art Company earns multiple streams of revenue. Including listing fees, trading commissions, management fees and authorized agent fees.

Takung’s business model

Focused in continually add to its fine art listings by offering collectors units in carefully selected items. First, an artwork. Either an individual piece or portfolio of several pieces. Is presented to Takung by an authorized agent, who helps get the artwork professionally appraised. After making its own assessment, if Takung believes it is clearly marketable and will likely appreciate near-term. The company will, after receiving all offering documents – list the artwork on its site and divide it into equal ownership units based on its appraised value. . For this listing the artwork’s owner or the offering agent pay Takung a one-time offering fee of 22.5 to 48 percent of the artwork’s offering price and a refundable listing deposit of roughly 20 percent of the offering price. In addition, Takung charges trading commissions for the online purchase and sale of artwork units, as well as management fees covering the insurance, storage, and transportation for artwork. Takung may also receive substantial annual fees from those agents authorized to list products on the company’s platform. For more information on Takun Art Co., Ltd. (NYSE American:TKAT) please fill out the for below.

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